About Us

Holistic Hut - A Healing Company

Holistic Hut is a small sustainable business that creates all natural and traditional self care products at affordable prices.

We source our organic vegan ingredients from certified fair trade companies, package them in zero waste reusable containers, and ship them out plastic free! We have done  this since we opened in 2017, and though Holistic Hut is proud of the steps we've taken towards sustainability, we know we are capable of doing more!

Starting in 2020 we will be implementing many new sustainable practices into our business model, such as offsetting our carbon footprint for all shipping and handling. Click below to read more about Holistic Hut's dedication to sustainability for both the earth and our customers.

Meet The Team


Kele Carter

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Kele is the co-owner and operator of Holistic Hut. She is currently going to school to one day be a herbal practitioner, traveling the United States in her camper learning about gardening, self sustainability and is putting herself through college to one day attend medical schooling.


Her future goals are to make the world a better place by healing people through traditional medicine, cultivating the earth and it's children, and growing her business on sustainable practices so that it may be apart of the conscious and sustainable business movement we so desperately need in this world.


Jakob Stramiello

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Jakob is co-owner of Holistic Hut. He is currently traveling the United States in a camper he renovated learning about bushcraft and self sustainability. Jakob is very passionate about self sustainable off the grid living and learning trades.

His future goals are to make the world a better place by building several self sustainable farms across the United States. On these farms he plans on sheltering rescued farm animals, hosting workshops to inspire the community, building community gardens, and dedicating large pieces of the farm land to conservation.