10 Reasons Why You Should Go To The Farmers Market More!

Published March 31th, 2019

Do you go to the farmers market every week? Here is 10 reasons why you should.

It is spring and I don’t know about you but my body is ready for some in season fruits and greens! But not all fruits and veggies are grown equally. This weekend we ask you to ditch the big chain grocery store and head over to your local farmers market. We promise you will be happy you did!

1. Eating In Season

Farmers markets are ran by, well, farmers! This means that the produce on the stands came straight from the farm to your basket. Eating in season means you will get tastier and more nutrient dense foods. Often times farmers markets are more cost effective than store bought product and much healthier.

2. To Save Money.

Since grass roots local farmers have less expenses to cover than multimillion dollar agriculture companies, this allows them to offer higher quality products at lower prices.

3. Fresh - Mouth Watering Food.

Fresh baked bread. Delicious homemade jams. Huge muffins made from scratch. Delicious cookies as big as your face. And the best part? You can eat them guilt free. Farmers market goods are often made with the highest quality - locally sourced ingredients and very rarely contain fillers, chemicals, dyes or preservatives. Eat like your grandparents did, your body will thank you!

4.Radiant Skin A farmers market wouldn't be complete without tables of high quality handmade body products. Nourishing farm made soaps, scrubs, toners, serums, moisturizers, lotions, body butters and more. All handmade by a local artisans - most likely including locally sourced ingredients.

5. Family Fun in the Sun

The open space that comes with an outdoor market makes shopping with the whole family something to look forward to instead of something to dread. There are almost always big families with kids and pets mingling. Most established farmers markets have sitting areas where you can enjoy fresh food with the family and meet new friends. And the best part, the kids can use their outside voices without you getting weird looks from Helen at the Wiggly Piggly.

6. Supporting Local Farmers

Farmers are underrated. The immense amount of work that goes into cultivating crops and managing livestock takes up their entire life. They do all this work so when season comes they can sell their goods at the markets. When you shop at farmers markets you aren't just giving more money to a millionaire CEO, you are helping a farmer pay his rent, water his garden and feed his animals. What an amazing feeling it is buying food that is BETTER for you than grocery store food - and feeling GOOD about spending money on it. Most farmers markets even accept EBT!

7. Eco Conscious Movement

Big agriculture is the number one cause of climate change, just over coal. Their unsustainable methods will undoubtably make it difficult for later generations. Farmers markets are all around better for the environment than those big chain grocery stores. Often times all products and most body products are plastic free. The outdoor atmosphere takes no electricity to run. There is no transportation emissions or manufacturing emissions. Plus, you get the added benefit of supporting organic farms. Your dollar means a lot so be sure to vote with it well.

8. Personal Experience

Our life is just a compilation of personal experiences. The farmers market adds to those experiences by allowing you to meet the people who supply you sustenance and self care products. Being on a first name basis with the vendors and even their animals; Farmers markets provide deep and meaningful connections you cant get from big chain grocery stores.

9. Connecting with the Community

You will meet the most interesting and genuine people at farmers markets. Local artists, farmers, animal shelter workers and more. The markets are a open and friendly space for the whole community to come together and connect. I always make a new friend at the markets, even ones I go to every week.

10. Saving Seed BioDiversity

Farmers markets oftentimes have non-patented heirloom seeds from generations of seed saving. Do you know that there is over 15,000 known species of tomatoes in the word but most grocery chains carry just 3 patented and industrial farmed types. That is just one example... Seed biodiversity is being wiped out by patented - genetically altered seeds. Shopping at farmers markets not only saves the farmer but saves the seeds as well.

As An Added Bonus - You Can Come Visit Us! Holistic Hut will now be at the Hernando County Farmers Market and the Brooksville Farmers Market every weekend! We are excited to see you!

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