Fighting for Fire Cider and our Right to Heal

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

"I stand on the sacrifices of a million women before me thinking

what can I do to make this mountain taller

so the women after me see farther"

-Rupi Kaur

What is fire cider?

Fire cider is a traditional folk remedy that boosts the immune system, boosts the metabolism and aids in digestion. It is made by taking apple cider vinegar and infusing the vinegar with organic herbs and vegetables. Some herbalists or holistic mamas have a go-to recipe that they replicate every year to share with their customers, friends and family. But for many of us the ingredients change year to year depending what we are growing in our garden. There are a few components which stay the same pretty much wherever you source your cider. The apple cider vinegar, horseradish, turmeric, garlic, and ginger. Due to the large amounts of root vegetables fire cider is usually prepared in the fall to utilize in the Winter. Making it in the fall ensures in season and fresh root vegetables to create your medicine with.

You combine your apple cider vinegar and other ingredients in a large glass jar then store the jar in a dark and cool place for at least a month for the cider to ferment and properly infuse. Some herbalists would bury their fire cider in the ground ceremonially and to keep it a stable temperature, many people still practice this tradition today. Once the cider has infused for 4 weeks you dig it up, usually to symbolize the changing of the seasons into Winter or during a large feast. You then strain, add raw honey to taste, bottle, label and store your herbal elixir. Our household takes shot of fire cider as preventative medicine everyday and will take tablespoons as needed. We have gotten a lot of wonderful feedback from our customers saying their fire cider has helped with things ranging from indigestion, cold, flu, strep throat and more! We try to make enough to last our house the entire year because we find ourselves still wanting the immune boost in Spring and Summer!

Join the fight!

Herbalists everywhere are fighting for our right to use the term fire cider. Fire cider is a term that has been around for decades when the creator of the elixir, Rosemary Gladstar, coined the phrase. It is a generic term and such as it shouldn’t be allowed to be trademarked. Yet that is exactly what happened. Shire City Herbals decided to trademark the generic term and by doing so have made it impossible to market our herbal elixir for what it truly is, FIRE CIDER! Herbalists across the entire country boycotted Shire City Herbals after they refused to release the generic trademark. Around this time a group started called #TraditionNotTrademark. The Tradition Not Trademark group petitioned the trademark in 2014. In 2015 Shire City Herbals sued 2 founding members of the group Tradition Not Trademark, and another small herbalist. The defendants of this case became known as the Fire Cider 3. They are still facing legal charges for trademark violations. This has been a long sticky battle. Herbalists have taken this corporation to federal court and we are awaiting the verdict. Regardless of the verdict Shire City Herbals has proven time and time again that they are against the grassroots herbalist movement. Their tonics aren't made with healing they are made with greed and hate. What can you do to fight this? 1. Boycott Shire City Herbals, ESPECIALLY their fire cider.

2. Download Holistic Hut’s Recipe for fire cider for $1.

100% of proceeds will go directly to Rosemary and the Tradition Not Trademark’s legal costs.

3. Share this post to teach people about the fight for fire cider. 12/08/2019 ** Update: In September of 2019 Rosemary Gladstar won their court! Fire Cider is a generic term. Thank you Rosemary and her team for paving the way for future herbalists!


As my followers know I usually always share my DIY recipes for free! This time is different. Im charging $1 for the PDF file download of this recipe. 100% of proceeds will be donated to the Tradition Not Trademark group who has been ruthlessly fighting on behalf of herbalists everywhere since 2014. This book includes 3 recipes all together...

-Tumeric+Habanero Fire Cider (Spicy and Medicinal)

-Floral Cider (Floral and Medicinal)

-Rosemary Gladstar's Fire Cider Recipe (The Fire Cider that started it all...)

2 unique recipes as well as Rosemary Gladstars original recipe that she has been giving out for free since she created Fire Cider. To read more about Rosemary Gladstar and her fight on behalf of fire cider click here.


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