by Kele Carter Published 09/16/2017 Updated 02/27/2019

In the world of body products, the variations of each product are as endless as the variations of skin types they purpose. A great example that comes to mind is salt scrubs and sugar scrubs. Each scrub serves as an exfoliate and each has its own unique properties. Sugar scrubs and salt scrubs are much less abrasive on the skin than other recipes that include things like ground apricot or dried walnut shells . Also both the salt and sugar dissolve and coat your skin which provide the deep nourishment it needs. Each scrub serves its own skin type and unique topical purpose. In this article I will briefly go into the key characteristics of both scrubs and explain the differences and benefits.

Salt Scrub:

Salt scrub is a natural skin exfoliant composed of salt and a base oil (in our case whipped organic coconut oil). Like any exfoliant its main purpose is to kill the dead cells on your body while deep cleansing your pores and softening your skin. The size and shape of the salt granule is much larger and more jagged than sugar granule; making this scrub better for a body exfoliant rather than a exfoliant for faces or sensitive areas of the body. Sea salt works as an anti inflammatory on sore muscles. Also salt has anti-bacterial properties, anti-viral properties and the ability to naturally draw toxins from the body, which heal any kind of skin abrasions and acne present . If your face is a non-sensitive oily skin type, you can use salt scrubs on your face to help treat acne. Sea salt also tones the skin, creating a clean pallet for the moisturizing step. You can pair your salt scrub with specific oils  to give it added properties. For example, arrowroot oil restores the body’s PH balance and naturally aids your bodies ability to adsorb water, making your skin much softer. Where as castor oil has antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties which can treat skin conditions, reduce pain, and stimulate your immune system.

Sugar Scrub:

Sugar scrub is another natural exfoliant that is composed of sugar and oil. Sugar scrub is much less abrasive due to its small size and uniform shape, which makes it safer for sensitive skin types and every day use. It doesn’t strip your bodies oil but rather dissolves quickly and coats your body in many beneficial nutrients; such as calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium. The sugar scrubs away dead skin and dirt, while the nutrients restore and repair your skin. You can also pair your sugar scrub with essential oils for added benefits. For example you can make a lovely morning 2:1 ratio face scrub with added orange essential oil for killing bacteria and pathogens, decreasing wrinkles, improving complexion and easing anxiety.

Salt and sugar scrubs are great to make at home! You can buy your salt or sugar in reusable containers at bulk stores as well as your oil of choice.  Buying ingredients and bulk and making the product at home makes it low waste, quality assured and makes it so you can create the product with love. All Holistic Hut products are made in spaces that have been saged and charged with crystals, and I will not work on products unless I'm feeling it in my heart and soul. no negativity or poor quality products - made in small batches 

Shifting to a holistic lifestyle doesn't have to be an overnight change. Each day we are given a chance to learn about what our lifestyle is impacting, and to make a change to better our life and our planet. Interact with the blog,what did you think of this week's article and what would you like to see next week? More beauty posts, health / herb posts, gardening posts? Comment, share and thanks for reading

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