Topical Benefits of Rose Water

by Kele Carter published 02/23/2019

With February ending and Valentines Day finished, there are roses everywhere! Fresh petals, dried petals, bouquets on sale at the store… it is the perfect time to make your own rosewater elixir! Rose water elixir is a must have beauty tool because of its versatility… It's fragrant, beautiful, ph balancing, anti inflammatory and packed full of antioxidants. These properties makes it an excellent stand alone product but rose water is still gentle enough to use in combination with pretty much any product you already use in your daily routine.

In this holistic blog article you will find the instructions to make your rose water, the benefits of rose water and some different ways to utilize your rose water. Please note that not all roses are grown equally - we recommend to only make your rose water elixir with organic roses. Pesticides and fertilizers will contaminate the rose water and wreak havoc on your skins health and vitality. This all natural rose water does not contain preservatives, it will keep at room temperature for 7-10 days or for 1 month in refrigerator. Bacteria can and will accumulate in the rose water after these time periods so use any remaining product in a nice rose bath and make a new batch!

How to make Rose Water- Quick and Easy (stove top)

What you will need:

- Stove

- Fresh or dried rose petals

- Small stainless steel or copper sauce pan - Alkaline, Reverse osmosis or Fresh Spring water

- A funnel

- Glass Bowl

- Cheese Cloth

- A container to store the finished product

Creating your elixir:

-In your sauce pan, bring your desired amount of water to a boil. (remember the water needs to be used fast, I usually make around 10 ounces for my week)

-Once your water has reached a boil turn burner off and stir in desired amount of rose petals. I use a 1:1 ratio so i would use 10 ounces of rose to my 10 ounces of water

-Allow to steep until water is cool

-Use cheesecloth to strain water into the large bowl

-Using the funnel, pour the ready to use rose water into your storage/spray bottle

-You are ready to go as is. You can add in 5 drops of Vitamin E oil to slow bacteria growth if desired, but if used with in 7 days (30 days refrigerated) the rose water is fine as is - without the oil.

Topical benefits of rose water

Maintains PH -With a pH level of 5.5, rose water helps balance out any pH disruption by bringing your skin’s pH levels back to normal.

Anti Aging - Rose water is said to be anti aging because it contains antioxidants that clean the skin and any free radicals

Toning - Thanks to its pH balancing properties, It helps remove oils and dirt from your skin, preparing it for skin treatments that are to follow.

Hydrating- When pure rose water settles and dries in your pores it adds a gentle boost of moisture

Reduces Puffiness and irritation - gentle enough for sensitive skin

How to use rose water

1. Most popular is Rose Water Toner

Apply pure rose water to a cotton pad, dab to apply to clean face and let dry. You can do this several times a day but it recommended to do it at least two times

2. Rose Water Moisturizer

4 ounces of rosewater

10 drops to sweet almond oil

5 drops castor oil

Shake well and apply several times a day

3. Rose Water Lip Stain

Apply rose water to beetroot powder, enough to create a paste, apply paste to lips for 15 mins and wipe away. You can apply the stain as often as you want because it's all natural, organic, non drying.

4. Anti Acne Serum

1 part rosewater to 1 part lemon juice

Apply to face (avoiding eyes) on a cotton ball

Doing so 1-2 times a week will help keep oils gone and free radicals dead

5. Rosewater Cucumber Facial Mask

You will need 2 inches fresh organic cucumber, 2 tbsp raw honey, 1 tbsp rose water. First peel the cucumber and then blend it with honey to get a smooth mixture. To this mixture, add the rose water and mix well. Apply this mask onto your face and leave it on for about 15 minutes. Wash your face with cool water.

Rose water is easy to make, purchasing dried rose in bulk allows you to make rose water fresh when ever you need. This is another all natural zero waste facial toner. Shower guilt free knowing you aren't sending artificial rose down the drain and enjoy the benefits that come from the staple facial elixir.

Shifting to a holistic lifestyle doesn't have to be an overnight change. Each day we are given a chance to learn about what our lifestyle is impacting, and to make a change to better our life and our planet. Interact with the blog,what did you think of this week's article and what would you like to see next week? More beauty posts, health / herb posts, gardening posts? Comment, share and thanks for reading

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