10 Changes by 2020

Below is a list of 10 sustainable practices we will incorporate to our business model by the end of 2020.

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Offsetting Carbon Footprint. This will be done by having a third party organization calculate our emissions, then purchasing carbon credits to offset them!


Medicinal Plant Seeds.

Included in every in store or online purchase, a small biodegradable card that will be embedded with medicinal herb seeds. Simply plant the card, water daily and watch it grow.


Planting Trees.

For every 100 sales Holistic Hut makes we will plant a tree in honor of our planet and our customers.


Sustainable Fibers.

As Holistic Hut expands its inventory from exclusively self care products, to including bed and bath products, we will only buy sustainable fibers such as hemp and bamboo. They take up less farm land, require less chemicals and a lot less water during the manufacturing stage.


Charitable Donations.

5% of all profits will be donated at the end of every year to a non profit charity focusing on habitat restoration and land conservation.


Solar energy.

Holistic Hut plans to operate its workshop off at least 20% solar energy by the end of 2020.


Litter pick up.

Every Earth Day (April 22nd) Holistic Hut will host a litter pick up. We have been doing this since 2017 and don't plan on stopping.


Fair Trade.

We will continue to exclusively source our raw organic ingredients from certified Fair Trade businesses. Certified Fair Trade businesses uphold very strict regulations that are added to every year. These regulations are put in place to protect consumers and the Earth. They regulate waste + emissions, practicing sustainable harvesting + manufacturing, protect our water, and more.They do this to help then earth and to heal their customers. People over profits.


Zero Waste.

We will continue to package and ship our items plastic free to protect our resources and oceans.


Small Batches.

Always handmade made in small batches as needed to cut out the need for factories and emissions, as well as prevent wasting overstock.


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1. Think of 10 sustainable changes you want to make to better yourself and the Earth and make a list.

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Let us all be the change we want to see in the world!